Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term "colloidal" mean?

Colloidal oatmeal refers to the finely ground oat powder which is suspended in oat oil then mixed in to an emollient base. The resulting cream can then be applied to the skin.

Do you ship internationally and how much does this cost?

Yes we do ship to some countries internationally. Postage is based on weight and will be calculated at the checkout. If your country is not listed please contact us directly via the "contact us" link to discuss or arrange postage costs.

Is Oatsiva cream tested on animals?

No the product is not tested on animals

Does Oatsiva cream contain preservatives?

The product does contain a preservative (phenoxyethanol) to ensure the cream is microbially stable for multiple daily use.
In terms of microbial standards, Oatsiva cream passes both British and United States pharmacopoeial standards for preservative efficacy.

What is the nature of your raw ingredients?

Each raw material has been pharmacist selected and sourced both from Australia and the United Kingdom from top quality suppliers. The colloidal oatmeal powder is of the finest pharmaceutical grade (75micron particle size) for optimal skin absorption.

How should I store Oatsiva cream?

The cream is best stored below 30 degrees (room temperature).