Pharmacist formulated high performance skin hydration

Oatsiva concentrated oatmeal moisturizer

Superior in composition

Compared with standard Sorbolene based preparations, Oatsiva consists of a greater proportion of humectants – ingredients which retain moisture. Skin stays hydrated for longer.

It also contains Oat Lipid E which is structurally similar to the oils found in skin thus enhancing absorption.

Directions for use

Apply cream evenly on the face or body as often as necessary.

In addition to a general moisturizer, it can be used as a spot treatment for example on hands, elbows, feet or face as a night cream.

Oatsiva may assist skin dryness arising from conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.


I have an extremely large surgical scar which has healed however continues to itch and dry out constantly. A friend recommended I try Oatsiva. I found it made the skin around the scar a lot more elastic and soft. I now apply it daily.

Raymond H

I have suffered from eczema for pretty much my whole life. I was given a sample of Oatsiva cream from a friend who said oatmeal can help with itching. In around three weeks my eczema had improved to the point where I had stopped scratching daily. I ended up purchasing another ten jars

Peter M

I don't really have dry skin so I was skeptical to try this cream. However I decided to try Oatsiva as a night cream as I do use face creams. I find the cream hydrates my skin more than other products I have tried. Each morning I wake up and my face is still soft from the night before. It works as a fabulous base under makeup.

Julia G