Oatsiva concentrated oatmeal moisturizer

Oatsiva is a pharmacist formulated cream containing high quality pharmaceutical grade oatmeal in a nourishing base. Oatmeal, known for its hydrating, anti-inflammatory and barrier forming properties, is a centuries old remedy used in skin care.

Oatsiva contains a higher concentration of oatmeal compared with most commercially available oatmeal moisturizers.

All products in the Oatsiva range are fragrance free which may better suit those with sensitive skin.

Superior in composition

Oatsiva consists of a high proportion of humectants – these are ingredients which retain moisture.

It may assist with skin dryness arising from conditions such as :





Oatsiva also contains an oil extract - Oat Lipid E which is structurally similar to the oils found in skin, thus enhancing absorption.

This also ensures there is no greasy residue after application.

Compared with standard Sorbolene based preparations,

Oatsiva contains less water content and more active ingredients

for longer lasting skin hydration.

(see graph comparison below)

Directions for use

Apply cream evenly on the face or body until all the product is absorbed. Use as often as necessary.

In addition to a general moisturizer, Oatsiva can be used as a spot treatment

for example on hands, elbows, feet or face as a night cream.

Adverse reactions to oatmeal skin care products are rare,

however a small patch test is recommended prior to full application.